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Encrypted Cloud Backup Solution

Having all your import data easily accessible is great but you also want to keep it safe. That's why a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery program is extremely important. When disaster does strike, it can literally mean the difference between a few hours of recovery time and a few days or weeks.

Just about everyone has (or better have!) a local backup system to back up their data to somewhere in their office, usually another server, PC or a dedicated storage device. But what happens when your location experiences a fire, flood, theft or some other local physical disaster that simultaneously destroys your original data and all your backups?

To add another layer of protection, we offer an offsite cloud backup solution that automatically encrypts and then backups up your critical data every night to our secure servers. Once the initial full backup is complete, this takes only minutes a night because we only back up the individual changes to each piece of data. We even maintain revision history on all documents going back 10 previous versions.

Whats more, with the proper login credentials you can access your data via the web from anywhere.

If you need to supplement your existing data protection or simply want an easy, safe and secure solution to your data backup needs, Ashcor Technologies Encrypted Cloud Backup Service is just the thing.

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