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Synology DiskStation Servers Solutions

Here at Ashcor Technologies we're not big on re-inventing the wheel. If a good solution exists we're going to leverage that to provide our clients with the best in technology and capability.

That's why we're big fans to the Synology DiskStationTM products. They provide the best in "out of the box" capabilities with the added flexibility to tailor the system to your businesses individual needs.

While Microsoft Windows servers are exceptional machines, why pay thousands of dollars for a windows based server when your business won't use 1/10th of the capabilities that solution can provide? Our experience working with most small to medium businesses is that they have very basic needs for their data availability, storage and applications.

The Synology DiskStationTM products are fully fledged Linux servers that come with a host of ready to install applications, most at NO ADDITIONAL COST. Secure file servers, built in backups, a private cloud system to access your files from anywhere on your smart phone or home PC, FTP server for large file transfers, Surveillance StationTM* for connection to digital IP security camera and many more features.

Ashcor Technologies will discuss your needs, find the right Synology DiskStationTM product to fit those needs, configure and deliver the system and finally set up and instruct you and your employees on all the new features.

For ongoing support and reliability we can then provide our Watchdog Service to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.

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*additional license fees required for additional camera support beyond the first camera.

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