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"WiFi, Made Easy"

Unified WiFi Solutions

Imageine a WiFi network so good that you simply forget it's there. This may sound like a fairytail but it is possible and affordable.

WiFi is easy to install, but not easy to install properly. The WiFi products that come with your cable Internet service or that you buy at the big box stores no matter how expensive they are, simply can't provide the level of performance needed for today's technology.

A properly designed and installed WiFi network will have the area coverage, capcity and security to meet your networking needs.

As more and more devices in our homes and offices become 'smart' and require a WiFi connection for Internet access, a properly installed WiFi nework becomes even more important to our daily lives.

We have the knowledge, experience, equipment and products to properly install and manage your WiFi network no matter how big or small it may be.

Stop suffering with spotty coverage, slow throughput or fragmented networks with multiple 'extenders' to get the coverage and performance you deserve.

Call us today and let us perform a free evaluation for you. SimpliFi your WiFi!

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