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"Structural Low Voltage Wiring, Made Easy"

Aschor Technlogies can provide structural low voltage wiring for your new construction project or an existing home or office.

Proper structural wiring for communications and audio visual systems is essential for a save and problem free technology environment. Whether your needs are for a new or expanded communications network utilizing Cat5e, Cat6 or Fiber or simply installing speaker wire for a whole house audio system, commercial audio or video or any combination of them all, Ashcor Technologies will get the job done properly.

Our structural cabling is always done in compliance with NEC class 2 and 3 wiring codes and best practices. Do you have a rats nest in your existing data center or media closet? We love to clean those up. Bad wiring is not just an eyesore, it can cause real problems and make troubleshooting a nightmare.

Not sure exactly what you need or where to begin? We will sit down with you, discuss your needs and provide a wiring plan that will fulfill you current needs and set you up for future expansion.

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