Improving customer communications through searchable call recordings enabling tailored employee training.

Provide a robust and cost-effective multi-site PBX phone system that would allow management to review and manage customer interactions.

automotive magic - phone system clientAUTOMOTIVE MAGIC

Kenvil, NJ & Lake Hopatcong, NJ


The owners of Automotive Magic needed a cost-effective multi-site PBX business phone system that would allow their management staff to effectively monitor customer interactions to improve overall service quality and responsiveness.


Replace the existing single-site PBX phone system with a new multi-site system that would allow management to easily search and review recorded phone calls between their staff and customers.  The existing system allowed for the recording of calls but lacked the ability to effectively search for calls or multiple calls by phone number, date, and time.

The scenario that the company wanted to address was that of a customer complaining about an employee’s behavior during a phone interaction – management wanted to be able to find and review the entire conversation history which may have transpired over multiple phone calls and days or weeks apart.


An AshCorTel cloud-based PBX phone system combined with SIP trunks and software from ClearlyIP integrated with an add-on voice recording reporting module.

Ashcor Technologies’ standard AshCorTel cloud-based PBX solution contained almost all the features necessary to provide Automotive Magic’s management team with the functionality they needed to support multiple sites and business models while consolidating system management.

The requirement for all calls to be recorded and retained for 6 months required a more capable cloud server with additional storage and processing power which was easily provided at a minimal cost increase.

The final missing puzzle piece was the ability to quickly and easily search for either specific calls or for all calls to/from a specific phone number within the last six months and then to easily download those call recordings. In order to provide this functionality we installed the Call Recording Reports module from Sangoma.  Once integrated into the AshCorTel phone system, management was able to search, find, listen to and download all calls from the last six months.

These recordings were then used by management during monthly team meetings with employees to give examples of how things can go right and wrong.  Even examples of how things went wrong are used as a positive tool to educate employees on the best ways to provide service for their customers.


Our AshCorTel cloud based PBX phone system customized with add-on software modules was the perfect fit for Automotive Magic’s needs.  The new PBX system is able to support both the growth of their businesses’ multiple locations and well as the needs of management to efficiently monitor and manage the quality of service provided to their customers while keeping costs low and availability and efficiency high.