Office Phone Systems

Much faster Service and a much smaller bill

No matter what size office you have, your phone is your business. Customers count on contacting you without hang ups or hassles. If your system is not equipped to make your critical communications efficient and reliable, your customers will know. You need a company that bends over backwards for your business without charging you an arm and a leg. With Ashcor, you get state-of-the-art technology, much faster service and a much smaller bill.

FCC 911 Compliance

Call Queues

Calendar/time-based call routing

Fault tolerance

Unified Communications

Scalability (from 1 to 1000 extensions)


Management tools

Local service

Advanced troubleshooting

Next-level support

Concierge service

Smart Home Automation

Make your smart home a no brainer.

When it comes to smart home technology, one size does not fit all. What works in your neighbor’s home may not work for yours. Get the technology that fits seamlessly with your life, home and budget with Ashcor. Expert advice, installation and service helps keep your smart home up and running. Make your smart home a no-brainer with Ashcor.

Comfort (HVAC, Shades, voice control)

Lighting (control/automation)

Entertainment (sound, video)

Authorized Control4 and URC Dealer

Management tools

Home Theaters & AV

Designed to blow your mind without giving you a headache

A home theater is more than just a huge screen mounted on a wall. It’s an experience that surrounds you with realistic sound and captivates you with the perfect picture every time. In order for the experience to be seamless and effortless, you need a partner that understands how to create the proper design, select the proper technology and perform a proper installation. Ashcor offers home custom home theater solutions designed to blow your mind without giving you a headache.

Custom Installation

Sound Design

AV Design

System support

Fast local service

Business IT and Technology Service

The easy way to experience advanced technology.

Custom technology for your home or office requires more than plugging in the latest gadgets and flipping a switch. The more a technology does to simplify your life, the more complex the technology needs to be. The more you need an expert who understands not only how each piece works on its own, but how it all works together. This mean you need more than an installation specialist. You need an expert who can quarterback your whole system so it’s effortless, reliable and seamless.

With our background in IT, we offer unmatched understanding of your technology when it’s time to buy, set up and troubleshoot. We’re the company that other companies call when they need help. So, if you’re looking for next-level technology, don’t settle for sub-par support. Call the experts the experts call.


System design

Advanced troubleshooting

System support

Custom designed solutions

Over 20 years experience in IT

Video Conferencing

Reliable and secure video conferencing for a changing environment

Ashcor Technologies can provide your organization with a private, secure, easy to use video conferencing system that does not require guest to create any user accounts or share personal information. The conferencing server is your own private cloud hosted system that is fully managed by Ashcor Technologies. For security, all connections are SSL encrypted and no data is collected or recorded at any time.

Your staff will be given admin accounts to create conference rooms for up to 30 participants. Simply send your guests a one time web address and password and they can connect via a PC, Mac, iOS or android device.

Tiled view or automatic current speaker

SSL encrypted

Open or password protected rooms

Desktop sharing


Signaling (hand raise)

Admin controlled muting and kicking of participants