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Ashcor Technologies Business Phone System: A Comprehensive Solution 

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The PBX Side: Your Internal Communication Hub 

Ashcor Technologies is committed to providing businesses with a hassle-free, integrated phone system solution that supports both internal and external communications. At the heart of any business phone system is the PBX side. This is the internal network of telephones and systems used within a company, acting as a private communication hub for employees. The PBX system allows for various advanced features such as call holding, transferring, voicemail, conference calling, and automated attendant systems. These features are crucial for businesses looking to maintain a professional image while ensuring that internal and external communications are handled with efficiency and ease. 

The Carrier Side: Connecting You to the World 

While the PBX system facilitates internal communication, the carrier side is what connects your business to the outside world. This includes the provisioning of phone numbers, routing of inbound and outbound calls, and all associated billing for call time, taxes, and regulatory fees imposed by government bodies and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). 

Ashcor Technologies’ Unified Solution 

Typically, businesses must navigate relationships with multiple vendors to manage their PBX  systems and carrier services. This can lead to complexities in billing, service management, and technical support. Understanding these challenges, Ashcor Technologies offers a comprehensive solution that encompasses both the PBX and carrier services. Our approach simplifies the communication infrastructure for businesses by providing a single point of contact for all your phone system needs. 

For a low monthly fee, Ashcor Technologies manages the entirety of your phone system, ensuring that your PBX is always running smoothly and that your carrier services are seamlessly integrated.  This includes maintenance, updates, and technical support for the PBX system, as well as coordination with the carrier for all your external communication needs. 

While Ashcor Technologies manages the relationship with the carrier on your behalf, billing for call time, government taxes, and FCC charges are still billed to you directly by the carrier. This allows for transparency in billing and ensures that businesses only pay for the services they use, without any hidden fees.

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